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Experience Rachel Beller's Nutrition Masterclass on us

An exclusive offer for Outcomes4Me members living with mBC.

Experience Rachel Beller's Nutrition Masterclass on us

An exclusive offer for Outcomes4Me members living with mBC.

Navigating life with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) is undeniably challenging. Understanding the profound impact of nutrition on physical health, we’ve joined forces with weight loss and oncology nutritionist Rachel Beller, MS, RDN and Beller Nutrition to offer our members living with mBC a unique experience. We’re delighted to offer exclusive access to the esteemed breast cancer Nutrition Masterclass.

The best part? Outcomes4Me will cover 100% of the fee. This is our gift to you, valued at $600.

Rachel Beller, MS, RSN, Founder & CEO, Beller Nutrition Institute

Why Rachel Beller:

Rachel Beller is a shining light in the realm of oncology nutrition. With prestigious affiliations with institutions including UCLA and California State University Los Angeles, coupled with her deep-rooted research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the John Wayne Cancer Institute, Rachel specializes in the intricate relationship between nutrition, body weight, and specific cancer types with a focus on breast cancer.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Learn The Beller Method™: embark on an evidence-based nutrition journey tailored to enhance immunity and improve quality of life.
  • Your Personal Blueprint: Receive a Beller Nutrition signature action plan designed specifically for your unique needs as a patient living with MBC.
  • Mouth-watering recipes: Easy-to-follow instructions for hundreds of easy, delectable recipes to nourish your body and soul.
  • Interactive bi-weekly Zoom sessions: Foster connections, seek guidance, and find camaraderie with like-minded MBC patients looking to improve their quality of life through nutrition.
  • Individual support: As part of this unique group, you’ll also receive the invaluable benefit of a 1:1 call with Rachel or a member of her expert team, ensuring personalized advice tailored just for you.


This offer is for our verified metastatic patients only

The experience of living with mBC is a unique one. We’re running a small pilot for our mBC community that connects our work to offer the best, personalized access to care and information with our awareness that our mBC members are eager for additional nutrition and lifestyle resources.  You must be a registered member of our platform to take advantage of this offer. Register here >>

This offer can’t be combined with another offer

If you’ve already pursued or plan to pursue a Second Opinion through Outcomes4Me, you’re not eligible for the Nutrition Masterclass offer at this time.

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How to qualify for this exclusive offer

To qualify for this offer, you must be a registered member of the Outcomes4Me app. Prior to receiving this offer, we require that our members authorize us to access your medical records so we can confirm your metastatic status. Research is critical to our role in addressing mBC, and finding a cure. By authorizing your medical records, you’re contributing to our efforts to accelerate research through anonymized health data.

Authorize Outcomes4Me to access your medical records. This will allow us to understand your current diagnosis and treatment plan, update your treatment plan so it reflects the latest science, and serve as an informed support system.

Once we receive your authorization form, we’ll confirm we received it and keep you posted on when we retrieve your medical records from your institutions. We’ll then abstract your medical record so you have a consolidated and easy-to-understand version of your medical history.

Once we receive your medical records from your institutions and confirm your metastatic diagnosis, our team will promptly contact you to arrange registration for our private Beller Nutrition Masterclass!

Allow Rachel Beller and her expert team to be your guiding light toward a healthier, more vibrant tomorrow, and together, let’s embrace this next phase of your health with renewed vigor and hope.

Our approach to data privacy

Outcomes4Me is providing the nutritional referral service as a referral service only, and makes no representations or warranties regarding the results, accuracy, or timeliness of any advice or opinions.  Any advice or opinions provided to you are solely that of the nutritional service with whom you chose to engage. Outcomes4Me does not provide professional medical services or advice.  Any relationship (be that doctor – patient or otherwise) that may be created through use of the nutritional referral service would be with the establishment providing the services, and not Outcomes4Me.  Outcomes4Me shall have no liability whatsoever regarding the results of nutritional referral service.