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Pursue a virtual second opinion with help from Outcomes4Me.

With a second opinion, feel secure in your treatment decisions.

Pursue a virtual second opinion with help from Outcomes4Me

With a second opinion, feel secure in your treatment decisions.

Receiving a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is a life-altering experience. Your life suddenly has a new purpose, and you have a new job: navigating your disease and pursuing the best options for you as a patient, and as a person. This can be an overwhelming time and, even if you have a wonderful support system, unless you have training in the ever-evolving world of breast oncology, it can be difficult to understand if your treatment plan is the right fit. Seeking a second opinion becomes crucial to ensure the best possible treatment options and to give you comfort that you’re making the right treatment decisions.

While traditional second opinions often involve traveling to another hospital or specialist, the digital age has brought forth a new option: online second opinions.

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Outcomes4Me wants to ensure you can access a second opinion from one of the world’s best hospitals.

We know that second opinions aren’t often covered by insurance. But, we don’t want to prevent you from pursuing this valuable service.

That’s why, for a limited time*, Outcomes4Me will cover the cost of obtaining a virtual second opinion from a premier hospital, up to a value of $700.

*This offer is currently only available to patients with metastatic breast cancer who submit their medical record authorization to Outcomes4Me by October 31, 2023.

Two institutions offer second opinion services in this price point: the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Stanford Health Care.

  • UCSF Health Medical Cancer Center is one of the best cancer centers in the country (#15, according to U.S. News’s rankings). It provides comprehensive second opinion services across a wide range of specialties, including breast cancer. You can learn more about its program here: UCSF Second Opinion.
  • Similarly, Stanford Health Care (which is tied with UCSF as the #15 best cancer center in the U.S.) also offers virtual second opinions, connecting you with world-class specialists without traveling. You can learn more about its services here: Stanford Second Opinion.

Here's how it works

To secure this offer, please follow the steps outlined below:

Authorize Outcomes4Me to access your medical records. This will allow us to understand your current diagnosis and treatment plan, update your treatment plan so it reflects the latest science, and serve as an informed support system after your second opinion.

Once you have completed the authorization, please email us at In your email, confirm that the authorization process is complete.

Once we receive your email, our team will promptly contact you to arrange the reimbursement so you can pursue a virtual second opinion.

Create an account with either UCSF or Stanford to arrange for your online second opinion.

Submit your receipt or invoice to Outcomes4Me for reimbursement or payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I eligible for a second opinion through this program?
A: To be eligible to take advantage of this offer, you must:

Q: Will Outcomes4Me manage the second opinion process for me?
A: We wish we could do this; unfortunately, the medical institutions require that you manage the process with them directly. For each institution, the process might be different regarding its requirements, and you can find that information directly on the institution’s website.

Q: Do I have to pursue a second opinion from either UCSF or Stanford to get the reimbursement?
A: No–you can feel free to put the $700 toward a virtual second opinion from any U.S.-based, NCI-designated institution. Examples of these institutions are: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Outcomes4Me will reimburse you at the $700 value, as long as you receive your second opinion from an NCI-designated institution.

Q: Will I have to front the costs of the second opinion to receive the reimbursement?
A: It depends on how the process works with the institution, but you will most likely have to pay first and then submit the receipt to us for reimbursement. If you’re able to pay upon receiving the opinion, we might be able to arrange to pay your bill directly to the institution where you receive the second opinion (assuming the cost does not exceed $700). A member of our team will be available to discuss this with you in detail.

Q: Why is Outcomes4Me offering to compensate me for a second opinion?
A: We’re on a mission to democratize healthcare, and, as part of our mission, we’re trying to understand if cancer patients who receive a second opinion that changes their treatment plan ultimately have an improved prognosis and health outcomes. To secure a virtual second opinion, you need your health records. Once you authorize Outcomes4Me to access your medical records, we request your medical records, aggregate them all from your various providers, and provide an easy-to-understand summary. We offer this as a free service to our patient members.

At the same time, we believe you deserve a second opinion and our number-one company value is being “patients first,” which means doing what’s right for our patient members. We know that health insurance often doesn’t cover the cost of a second opinion. Outcomes4Me believes a second opinion is one of the best ways to confirm patients are getting the best treatment possible, which is core to our company mission.

Q: How does a second opinion service interact with your doctor?
A: This is a fairly simple process:

  • The service will provide you with a report based upon their review of your medical record
  • The specialist from the second opinion service will get on a phone call with you to go over the second opinion
  • The specialist can also interact directly with your doctor to agree with your treatment plan or provide recommendations

Q: What are the typical reasons why patients often seek an online second opinion?
A: Typical reasons might include:

  • For patients who live in a rural setting, far from a major hospital, they might not have access to a specialist in their type of breast cancer or can’t easily travel for an in-person specialist consultation
  • For patients with a complicated diagnosis, it’s important to understand all options
  • A second opinion can offer peace of mind and confirmation that the treatment plan a patient is pursuing is appropriate for their diagnosis

Q: What are your data privacy practices?
A: Patients are our highest priority and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We use security and encryption technology that meets the requirements under HIPAA to safeguard member data and protect member information.

Outcomes4Me is providing the Second Opinion service as a referral service only, and makes no representations or warranties regarding the results, accuracy or timeliness of any diagnoses or opinions.  Any results or opinions provided to you are solely that of the medical establishment to whom you are providing your records.  Outcomes4Me does not provide professional medical services or advice.  Any doctor-patient relationship that may be created through use of the Second Opinion service would be with the medical establishment providing the opinion, and not Outcomes4Me.  Outcomes4Me shall have no liability whatsoever regarding the results of the Second Opinion referral service.

Our approach to data privacy

Learn more about the value of an online second opinion service: