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A consolidated medical record–with no hassle or cost for you.

woman sitting on couch, reading cellphone, and drinking tea

A consolidated medical record–with no hassle or cost for you.

woman sitting on couch, reading cellphone, and drinking tea

You don’t have to worry about the administrative burden of gathering your records. We do all of the heavy lifting and cover all of the costs. Outcomes4Me will gather your medical data and take care of all the preparations for Real World Data sets.

Research participation requires a breast cancer diagnosis and care provided in the United States.

Get your medical records in 3 easy steps.

To start, provide info about yourself and the care centers you’ve been to for breast cancer treatment. As soon as you’ve completed an authorization form, we’ll start contacting your doctors and hospitals.

We’ll work the phones with your providers to secure your records, and cover all related costs.We scan, digitize, and de-identify your records, so they’re more accessible to you and can easily be used by researchers.

We provide you with a summarized version of all your breast cancer info via the Outcomes4Me app and can also provide all of your records on a thumb drive at your request. We abstract your records for use in real world data sets, which means your personal information is separated from medical information that is needed for research.

Improving treatments and empowering fellow patients

We selectively partner with researchers in breast cancer and provide opportunities for patients to contribute their records to research. Those that share their anonymized data can help improve treatment options for breast cancer patients based on research findings.

Our Promise:

Our team of licensed oncology nurse practitioners abstract your records, abstracted, which means that medical information is separated from any personal identifying information. Your experience is shared, but your personal information can never be derived from that experience.

We merge your de-identified with similar de-identified data from other Outcomes4Me users. Your personal information is and always will remain private.

This work is critical to finding a cure for breast cancer. Research datasets often require de-identified data from thousands of breast cancer patients. This both protects your individual data and enables researchers to identify trends in treatments given, their outcomes, and other insights that could lead to improved care for breast cancer patients.

Will you be a part of this important effort? 

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