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One life at a time.
Starting with yours.

When it comes to navigating your cancer care, we’re right by your side.

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Ruth Chu

Cancer Patient, Outcomes4Me User

Evidence-based. Oncologist-approved.

We’re the only direct-to-patient platform that integrates with the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), from the not-for-profit alliance of 32 leading cancer centers.

We gather treatment recommendations typically meant for oncologists and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to translate that information so you can understand it, putting you in control. With this knowledge, you can feel empowered to make the best medical decisions with your care team.

No matter your cancer diagnosis,
you deserve to be in control.

With our free patient empowerment platform, you’ll get:

Personalized treatment options

Genetic and genomic testing opportunities

Symptom tracking and management

Access to the latest innovation and clinical trials

Health records you can understand

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We’re here because you’re here.


Gain direct access to personalized treatment options so you can have more informed conversations with your care team.

For Oncology
Care Providers

Rely on us to help your patients get access to the best care and resources, and save time in your day. We’re here to help and won’t ever get in the way.

For Life

Accelerate patient access to your treatments and expand the reach of your research and clinical trials.

comes first here.

Get all the information you need to take a more active role in treating your cancer.

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Collaborating with experts in cancer care all over the world.

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