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Precision oncology requires precision targeting.

At Outcomes4Me, we’re here to help you deliver on the promise of precision oncology.

We’re on a mission to democratize access to cancer care and improve outcomes.

How we can help you meet your goals.

Content & Precision Marketing

Gain customer insights, increase compliance, and drive access to innovative drugs and diagnostics. 

Real-world Data

Access high-quality, regulatory-grade outcomes data.

Clinical Trials

Find support for early-stage recruitment and late-stage patient-reported outcomes.

Conversion through content education.

All of the innovation in the world means nothing if it’s not reaching patients.

The Outcomes4Me platform can be used for lead generation, providing multiple opportunities to seamlessly integrate real-time clinical trial updates into each patient’s daily interaction with our content.

Do you know your PIK3CA status?

Knowing your PIK3CA status can impact your care plan.



Outcomes4Me has partnered with Invitae to bring your direct access to genetic testing.


You may be a match for a clinical trial.

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Partnering to provide clinical-grade genetic testing.

We look for proven, innovative partnerships that will empower patients with knowledge, understanding, and self-advocacy during their treatment through to survivorship.

Almost half of our patient users who qualified for genetic testing (based on NCCN Guidelines®) did not receive testing prior to their diagnosis. Through our partnership with Invitae, we can provide state-of-the-art, clinical-grade, next-generation sequencing-based (NGS) genetic testing that comprehensively analyzes more than 80 genes, and provide insights for cancer patients as well as family members who may be at risk.

Utilizing real-world patient data to evaluate genomic testing awareness levels.

We believe test results can expand patient access to and eligibility for new and innovative treatments, while also helping to prolong a patient’s life.

Most healthcare insurance companies cover 100% of the cost associated with genomic profile testing, but the data shows that even the most advanced breast cancer patients don’t always understand the specifics of their tumor. Without data like this, a patient will see fewer options for personalized treatment as well as fewer participation opportunities in clinical trials. Through our partnership with Foundation Medicine Inc., we studied more than 200 breast cancer patients and demonstrated a discrepancy between their willingness to get genomic testing and the extent to which it is being offered as part of their treatment plan.

A collaborative clinical trials partnership designed just for you.

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Qualified, pre-screened patients

Complete medical record and eligibility packet for each patient

Easy-to-navigate patient management system

A partnership that’s flexible and adaptable to your needs and outcomes objectives