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/ For Oncology Care Providers

Partnering for better patient outcomes.

Finding the time and resources to personalize your approach to cancer treatment can be challenging, so we’re here to help.

Evidenced-based information from proven sources.

Outcomes4Me is the only direct-to-patient platform that integrates with evidence-based clinical guidance.

We gather treatment recommendations typically meant for oncologists at the leading cancer centers around the world, and then use AI and machine learning to translate that content into personalized, digestible, actionable guidance for patients. With our help, patients can be better prepared with the right questions so they can better engage in their appointments with you. And, because of our integration with the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines©), you can be confident the information your patients bring to you is vetted and rooted in science.

An empathetic
shoulder to lean on.

Our team of oncology nurse practitioners, clinical abstractors, and clinical trial managers are experts in oncology health care and life sciences.

Your patients turn to you during the most vulnerable time in their lives, trusting you to provide the latest in innovative cancer care and the best approach to treating their disease state. Our team shares the same mission. Through our partnership with internationally-renowned experts in cancer care, we can provide patients who opt in to our platform with access to the latest innovative treatment information and clinical trials.

Our world-class collaborations include:

Support your patients at every stage.

We work with care providers at premier health centers to support patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Our services include:

  • Digital symptom tracking and patient-reported outcomes
  • Clinical trial matching
  • Administering survivorship care plans
  • Customized research

A clinical trial that’s right for your patient.

We understand it’s sometimes hard to find the time to go through the latest clinical trials, so we’ve made your search easier.

Say goodbye to Dr. Google.

Unsolicited second opinions add nothing to a patient’s treatment plan when they’re not backed by proven and credible research.

When managing a diagnosis, many patients turn to the internet for immediate answers and new ideas for how their cancer should be treated, often finding crowdsourced advice that’s not clinically approved or rooted in reality. Bringing that unsolicited information to an appointment can be frustrating for everyone involved, especially when it’s not compatible with their disease stage or treatment plans. With us, your patients will have access to the right information when they come to you.