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Making decisions that make a difference.
One patient at a time.

We’re the first direct-to-patient, AI-driven platform that integrates with the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®).

Our core purpose is to improve outcomes for all by empowering patients and democratizing healthcare.

We do so by providing patients with the tools to take charge of their health data while accelerating research and improving access.

All the innovation in the world means nothing if it’s not reaching patients.

All the innovation in the world means nothing if it’s not reaching patients.

Innovation within the pharmaceutical industry has had tremendous impact: drug discovery has changed–and saved–so many lives. When I was leading global access and policy for oncology at Novartis, though, I came to realize there is a real gap in terms of enabling value-based care. Patients do not always understand how treatments are being given or how they can access the treatments they need, which leads to poor health outcomes.

When I was still working at Novartis, I had a health scare that was serious enough to require surgery and the need to navigate the health system for a period of 6 months. Even though I had access to premium health insurance and a network of medically-savvy family, friends, and colleagues, it was confusing, overwhelming, and frightening. I had always believed during my career in life sciences that I was patient-focused, and then the first time I became a patient myself, I realized I did not have a clue what patients actually endure. That experience is what led me to create Outcomes4Me. We are on a mission to improve outcomes for all, and to democratize healthcare–starting with cancer. We believe that we can change the world, and play a central role in curing cancer—and most importantly, ensure that everyone around the world can benefit from innovative therapies

Maya R. Said, Sc.D.

Founder and CEO of Outcomes4Me

We always put
you, the patient, first.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, the burden often falls on you to be your own advocate, and you resort to a Google search to learn about your condition and what ultimately can be done to help. Looking for treatment recommendations, clinical trials, and questions to ask your oncologist can be both confusing and misleading, leaving you with even more questions and an unimaginable sense of anxiety.

Outcomes4Me originated directly from this patient insight. We meet patients where they are clinically in their diagnosis, physically, and emotionally.

Technology for good.

Outcomes4Me is an AI-driven platform, and has the only digital platform that integrates with the NCCN Guidelines® and makes them patient-facing.

When patients securely provide their medical history and health records to Outcomes4Me, the platform provides personalized guidance based upon their unique diagnosis and disease stage, including treatment options, clinical trials, and potential genetic testing options.

Why we’re here.

of adult oncology patients join a clinical trial.1
of patients aren’t informed of clinical trials as a treatment option.2
Oncologists would have to read 29 hours/work day to keep up with treatment innovation & clinical trials.3
of patients are not getting the most advanced treatments.4
of patients do not report side effects for fear of bothering their doctor.5

1. National Institutes of Health. 2. ASCO Annual Meeting, 2018. 3. National Institutes of Health. 4. CancerCare. 5. Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Our values are our compass.

Patients first
Patients are our north star in everything we do. We do right for our patients and always ask ourselves how this will improve outcomes for patients. We will insure everything we do, every decision we make, puts the patients first.
Data driven
We are evidence-based. Opinions are important and we always encourage dialogue, but we use data for our decision-making.
Relentless with a sense of urgency
We are hungry and scrappy. We never give up; we are entrepreneurial. We are relentless and battle through, around, and over obstacles. We act with a sense of urgency. When there are diverse points of view, it is important not to only raise issues but bring solutions. We default to yes or “we’ll figure it out” vs. no or no action.
Results through teamwork
We are one team that focuses on results. The whole is more important than the individual pieces. We are all players and coaches. We learn from each other. We have a bias to action which means speed over perfection. Meritocracy matters. To be on our team, you need to deliver results and impact. Activity is a means to an end and not the end itself. We invest in learning and development. We challenge each other to become the best version of ourselves. We have a winning culture that loves to win together.
We are about democratizing healthcare. We care about equity and recognize that each person has different circumstances. We therefore aim to allocate the resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome for patients across the world and for our own team. Diversity is part of our fabric; diversity in thought and background are additives and important to ensure we appropriately represent our patients and understand what is needed to be equitable. We bring integrity in the form of transparency and intellectual honesty to relationships, decisions, and our technology.
Do well while doing good
We want to do well while doing good. Success and profits are important but not at any cost. To deliver on our mission to empower patients, it is important to build a sustainable business model.
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