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3 book suggestions for lung cancer patients

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This March, we’re sharing a new collection of books and stories from lung cancer patients (turned authors) who have generously provided both first and second-hand accounts of their experiences, from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. Check out these authors at your local library or bookstore, or see if your library uses the Libby app, so you can potentially read any of these digitally for free. 

The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage by Bonnie J. Addario and Jon Land

Lung cancer survivor Bonnie Addario, Chair of the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, is a lead advocate for patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. By creating a global network of fellow patients, doctors, researchers and caregivers, Bonnie has launched a support group – The Living Room – that helps patients thrive during treatment while working with them to break down the stereotypes often associated with the disease. All proceeds from Bonnie’s book are donated directly to research and patient advocacy.  

Roads to Meaning and Resilience With Cancer: Forty stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer by Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, PhD

Dr. Al Achkar is a practicing family physician at the University of Washington, who is also living with stage IV lung cancer. While he talks to 39 patients about how they find meaning, cope with their illness, and build resilience during treatment, he also shares a unique and heartfelt perspective as a lung cancer patient himself. His personal quest for meaning and detailed accounts of his own coping mechanisms will be helpful to anyone looking for new ways to manage and protect their body, mind, and spirit during treatment. 

TOUGH: Women Who Survived Cancer by Marquina Iliev-Piselli

An honest and inspiring recovery companion for women diagnosed with any type of cancer, this book focuses on the stories of 37 women who are experiencing all stages of cancer, from newly-diagnosed to recovery. Each woman’s story shares anecdotes on how to get through treatment – whether you’re patient or caregiver – with a focus on finding new, creative pursuits along the way. 

Have you found the words of a particular author or storyteller helpful? Leave us a note, or let us know if there’s a book you’d like to see highlighted during the upcoming months of our Outcomes4Me Book Club.

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