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Essential breast cancer resources for patients of color

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According to the American Cancer Society, Black women have a slightly lower incidence rate of breast cancer than white women, yet they have a 40% higher chance of mortality from the disease. These women are also at higher risk for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, and are more likely to have a later-stage diagnosis. In an effort to raise awareness about these health disparities affecting communities of color and to take action to promote health equity, we’re highlighting organizations that provide resources and supportive communities for breast cancer patients of color.

Here are a few organizations and some of their initiatives that bring information, support, and hope to members of the Black breast cancer community:

Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance
Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, is on a mission to bring together patients, survivors, advocates, and healthcare companies for the common goal of eradicating Black Breast Cancer. This organization recognizes the unique struggles Black patients face in their fight against breast cancer and aim to address these challenges and inequalities through various initiatives such as:

  • Breastie Love: a support network and program that shares the stories of Black breast cancer survivors to let other patients know they are not alone.
  • #BlackDataMatters: a campaign to mobilize the Black community to participate in clinical trial research.
  • When We Trial: a movement led by the BBCA to advance breast cancer science for Black women and increase participation in clinical trials.

Tigerlily Foundation
The Tigerlily Foundation is a national breast cancer organization that provides resources and support to young (ages 15-45) women of color in any stage of breast cancer, and reaches diverse populations, underserved communities, and patients facing healthcare disparities. The foundation has over 20 education, empowerment, advocacy, and support programs for any member of the breast cancer community. Here are just a few of its many programs:

  • Tigerlily Master Class: a free, online educational video series featuring in-depth discussions on topics like self-advocacy, patient empowerment, health disparities, caregiving, and more.
  • Hope Box Program: gift boxes filled with things to soothe, educate, empower, and help relieve stress for newly diagnosed patients or those in active treatment.
  • Tiger Trials: an initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to patients facing health disparities by building trust and transparency with the patient community.
African American Breast Cancer Alliance™
The African American Breast Cancer Alliance™ is a supportive community that brings resources and opportunities to breast cancer patients of diverse backgrounds. The AABCA™ is dedicated to educating and supporting Black Americans throughout breast cancer treatment and survivorship. Some of its programs include:
  • Sisters & Misters in Survival: a confidential support network where breast cancer survivors share resources, engage in the community, and offer each other hope.
  • A ‘Lil Help, A ‘Lil Hope: a financial assistance program that offers small grants to Black patients currently in treatment for breast cancer.
  • Sistas Rock Retreat: a fun, relaxing weekend gathering for women of any background diagnosed with breast cancer.


Chemo Divas Foundation
The Chemo Divas Foundation is a nonprofit group of cancer patients, survivors, advocates, and caregivers, who are on a mission to bring resources and visibility to women of color facing the burden of cancer. Its initiatives to support Black cancer patients include:

  • Support Network: an inclusive community where cancer patients and survivors share their stories to offer hope for others.
  • Resources page: a list of over 50 financial support services, research & educational resources, support groups, and publications to help inform patients.
  • Chemo Divas Grant: 100% of donations to the Chemo Divas Grant go directly to cancer patients of color who are in need of extra support.


Outcomes4Me Community

Outcomes4Me is proud to announce that we’ve recently launched our very own Community channel for patients of color. This is a welcoming space where patients can seek support from their peers and share their unique experiences. Download the Outcomes4Me app to access Community and a wealth of other resources to help you navigate your breast cancer. 

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