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A simpler, easier way to track your cancer medications

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Two smartphones displaying the Outcomes4Me app medication list and schedule

We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve been looking for a medication tracker that is specifically designed to manage your cancer treatment. Cancer medications are unique because they are usually administered as regimens, not just individual drugs. For example, an early stage HER+ breast cancer patient could be taking TCHP. TCHP, in this example, is a chemotherapy regimen of 4 drugs (docetaxel / carboplatin / trastuzumab / pertuzumab).

We’re excited to be introducing a medication tracker that makes regimens a core part of the app experience. When adding a medication, the Outcomes4Me app suggests regimens and drugs based on your diagnosis. We have also added the ability to search for any approved drug. Our current app now houses over 8,000 drugs along with their respective drug information.

Now when you log into the Outcomes4Me app, you’ll be asked when you’ve taken medications for a specific regimen right in the 4Me tab. The medications section will allow you to access drug information, as well as ensure that your medications are tracked accordingly. This new tool pairs with the symptom tracker which helps you manage symptoms you’re experiencing and makes it easy to share those symptoms with your doctor.

mockup of a phone screen displaying medication information on the Outcomes4Me app

Medication tracking can help you be more organized and feel better. If you are a patient, it is important to try to find a tool that will help you manage your daily medications and record how they’re making you feel. Simplify your life and start using the medication tracker in the Outcomes4Me app today.

Have some feedback?

As with any update, the O4ME team wants to receive your feedback. We work hard to build features that provide tools and resources to help patients navigate their care. Please feel free to share your feedback in the Outcomes4Me app today.

All these changes are available now on Android and iOS.

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