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Symptom tracking made for breast cancer

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Symptom management is an important aspect of cancer care. A recent study has shown that engaged lung cancer patients can lead to a 16-53% improvement in survival rates.

Further, we found inconsistencies on what symptoms patients report to their doctors through their recollection vs what they report in real time with Outcomes4Me. Many of these inconsistencies are driven by not wanting to bother the doctor and under reporting of symptoms especially those related to sexual health.

With our latest update, we wanted to ensure that patients can track and monitor their symptoms even faster and more simply. We redesigned symptom tracking, upon the recommendation of the FDA, using PRO-CTCAE™, a patient-reported outcome measurement system developed by the National Cancer Institute to capture symptomatic adverse events in patients on cancer clinical trials. Now patients can:

  • Track symptoms and learn how to proactively manage them in real time
  • Visualize symptom trends with new color coded bar graphs
  • Share a free, easy-to-read symptom report with physicians

What does the update look like?

Based on user feedback, we incorporated a few key updates to our symptom tracker in order to make things clearer and provide more value. This update is available on Android and iOS devices. Here’s what it looks like:

Images of three smartphones with the Outcomes4Me symptom tracker: includes calendar, sharing symptom report, and symptom log

Have some feedback?

As with any update, we want to receive feedback. We work hard to build features that provide tools and resources to help breast cancer patients navigate their care. Please feel free to share feedback in the Outcomes4Me app today.

All these changes are available now on Android and iOS.

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