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Our top 5 breast cancer podcasts

Woman recording a podcast on her laptop computer with headphones and a microphone.
Nowadays there’s no shortage of options when it comes to being able to do your own research about your cancer diagnosis and treatment. One way to learn more about breast cancer is to listen to podcasts on topics such as prevention, treatment, research, and lifestyle post-diagnosis. Podcasts are a great way to consume content on the go, while working out, or while waiting for medical appointments. Not to mention—you gain the opportunity to hear the stories of many other women fighting the same fight as you.

It was very challenging to narrow this list down, but these are our top five favorite breast cancer podcasts we think everyone should listen to at least once.

Investigating Breast Cancer

This is the official podcast of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and it examines the latest in breast cancer news and hosts conversations with BCRF’s scientific leadership and other experts in the field. Investigating Breast Cancer. The focus of this podcast is the promise of scientific discovery and it offers an easy way to stay up to date on what is going on in the field of breast cancer.


Another favorite resource of ours is Breastcancer.org. Their web-based content is unbelievably thorough and reliable. Their podcast is the perfect way to engage with their content when you don’t want to read and episodes focus on topics such as prevention, treatment, and research. The Breastcancer.org podcast welcomes a wide variety of fascinating medical experts and guests.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer addresses a struggle that many breast cancer patients and survivors experience, but that can be difficult for their friends and family to relate to—the fact that years after diagnosis the topic of your cancer can be on your mind frequently. This podcast tackles tricky issues such as when and how to disclose your breast cancer history in social and professional settings and how to deal with the financial fallout of a breast cancer diagnosis. This thoughtful podcast can provide a sense of support and camaraderie.


The INTERLUDE Podcast shares the stories of how a cancer diagnosis affects a woman emotionally. Host Dr. Teplinsky hosts difficult conversations with women who are all at various stages of cancer treatment about their feelings, worries, and fears. Because many women feel uncomfortable attending in-person support groups, Dr. Teplinsky aims to make the INTERLUDE Podcast a space that women can turn to for support, encouragement, inspiration, hope, courage, and strength.

The Boobie Docs

One of our favorite Instagram follows is @theboobiedocs and we really appreciate that Drs. Robyn Gartner Roth and Adrienne Rosenthal continue to host important conversations in podcast form. They discuss breast health in an approachable and educational way on The Boobie Docs podcast. If you’re unsure of what to expect after a new breast cancer diagnosis, you’ll find episodes devoted to topics such as what to expect from a radiation oncologist or a plastic surgeon appointment to be really helpful.

Honorable Mentions

There’s plenty of amazing breast cancer podcasts to choose from, so here’s a few more great options for you to consider. We all have different interests and tastes, so it’s worth trying out a few different podcasts to see which ones provide the type of support and insight you desire!

  • Real Pink
  • Baddie 2 Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Conquerer
  • Breast Cancer Update
  • Breast Friends Cancer Support Network
  • Bustin’ Out of Breast Cancer
  • Handle with CARE Breast Cancer and Beyond
  • Investigating Breast Cancer
  • Making the Breast of It
  • My Motivated Moment
  • Tata, Cancer
  • The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach
  • The Breast of Everything
  • Breast Cancer Is Boring
  • Boob Share with CoppaFeel!
  • Breast Cancer Conversations

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