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Looking back: new in 2022

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1. We’ve got a new look! Introducing our new app icon.
Today we launched a new brand logo and color palette. This means that when you update the app on your device or visit one of our social properties, you’ll see this:

Our new appearance reflects an exciting time in our company history as we celebrate supporting over 100,000 breast cancer patients and begin our journey to help patients living with other types of cancer (more details coming soon).

2. Personalized recommendations guide.
We created a new recommendations guide in the app to help you navigate the most relevant features based on your diagnosis. When you use the app or update your diagnosis, the guide will recommend next steps to explore. The recommendation guide is available on the top of the app home screen.

3. In-app notification center with updates from our oncology nurse practitioner team.
Our team curates and shares information relevant to you based on your answers to our diagnostic questionnaire and your activity in the app. Use the notification center to view new and previously received updates. Open the notification center via the bell icon in the upper-right corner of the app home screen.

4. Updated clinical trials finder.
Clinical trials can provide earlier access to new treatments and are available for different stages of cancer. We have updated our algorithms to match you with trials based on your diagnosis and we are constantly updating our list of available trials.

5. New webinars, conference wrap-ups, and articles.
We regularly host webinars with leaders in the cancer industry and attends conferences to ensure we share the latest research advancements with the Outcomes4Me community. Some of the most popular resources in 2022 were “How endocrine therapy for cancer works”, “Webinar: Are clinical trials right for you?” and “ASCO Annual Meeting 2022 Wrap-Up” You can find these and many more in the discover section on the resources screen:

6. Updated with the most recent NCCN treatment guidelines.
During 2022, the NCCN® released multiple updates to its recommended treatment options and we incorporated these into the app. The treatment plan screen is based on your answers to the diagnostic questionnaire and any medical records you have shared with our team of oncology nurse practitioners. We encourage you to update your diagnosis when you have new information and then revisit the treatment plan to learn about your options.

– The Outcomes4Me team

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