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Newly diagnosed? Add these must-have items to your holiday wish list

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Facing a breast cancer diagnosis can be challenging, but many brands and products exist to support you throughout this time. We’ve compiled a list of patient-friendly brands we’ve tested ourselves. Explore the list below if you’re searching for practical items to put on your holiday wish list.  


Comfort and functionality are key as you navigate early treatment. Luckily, there are specific apparel products designed with breast cancer patients in mind.

AnaOno: Designed for survivors by survivors, AnaOno has a line of comfortable lingerie and accessories designed to fit all post-breast surgery bodies.       

Headcovers Unlimited: Founded by a breast cancer survivor, Headcovers Unlimited offers a range of hats, scarfs, wigs, and more to help breast cancer patients feel more comfortable while coping with hair loss from common cancer treatments. 

SheBird: SheBird makes adaptable clothing with built-in bras to provide comfortable, stylish options for patients as you recover from surgery.

BeWell infusion hoodies: Designed to keep patients warm during regular infusion treatments, these hoodies have special zippers to allow for simple IV or port access.  

She CANcer sun shirts: Created by breast cancer survivor Maria, these sun shirts offer chemical-free sun protection to breast cancer patients so you can safely enjoy outdoor activities. For every sun shirt sold, She CANcer donates 10% of the proceeds to giving sun protection to patients in need. Read more about why sun protection is so essential for cancer survivors. 


Various cancer treatments including chemo and radiation can take a toll on your skin and increase your sensitivity to sunlight, which is why safe, gentle skincare products are so essential to have throughout treatment.    

Paris Laundry: Paris Laundry is on a mission to provide safe, natural skincare options. Founded by Kelsey Bucci, a young breast cancer survivor, this brand offers a line of skincare products that are free of harsh chemicals.

Suntegrity Skincare: Suntegrity Skincare was founded by Tricia Trimble–whose mother passed away from skin cancer–to bring safe, mineral-based sunscreen to everyone. Instead of using toxic UV filters that are found in some other products, this sunscreen uses zinc oxide to provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Mental wellness tools

A breast cancer diagnosis is an understandably difficult time that can affect your mental health. Finding support and tools to help manage your mental health is an equally important aspect of your care during breast cancer. 

Silk & Sonder journals: According to research, there are many mental health benefits to journaling. Named the “Best Anti-Anxiety Journal” by Parade, Silk & Sonder has a monthly journal subscription that can help support your mental health throughout diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Explore more reasons why journaling throughout breast cancer can be a powerful tool.   

Subscription to the Calm app: Calm is the #1 mental health app that helps promote mindfulness, meditation, stress relief, and restful sleep. While Calm has a free trial and some free content, a subscription may be worth looking into as a long-term mental health support strategy.   

Weighted blanket: Weighted blankets are a soothing tool that many people use to ease anxiety and improve their sleep. 


Books can be great, trusted sources of information and inspiration for people facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Here are a few that many patients have found helpful: 

7th edition Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book: Dr. Susan Love, founder of the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, wrote this book to help patients understand the basics of breast cancer and navigate treatment after a diagnosis.  

Breasts: The Owner’s Manual: Written by breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk, this book offers guidance on mitigating cancer risk and making treatment decisions. 

The New Generation Breast Cancer Book: With so many unreliable online resources, this book offers patients a simple guide for managing breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and effects on mental health.


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