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Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Day

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March 3rd is recognized as Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Day, a date dedicated to raising awareness about TNBC and highlighting the need for increased research, funding, and support for those affected by this aggressive form of breast cancer.

TNBC is a subtype of breast cancer that is often more aggressive and difficult to treat than other forms of the disease. It is called “triple negative” because it lacks three common receptors that are found in other types of breast cancer: estrogen, progesterone, and HER2. Understanding the status of these receptors is important because it helps determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.

One of the biggest challenges with TNBC is that it doesn’t respond to many of the traditional treatments used for other types of breast cancer. This means that patients with TNBC may face a more difficult treatment journey, with fewer options available to them. TNBC is also more likely to affect younger women and women of color, two patient groups that are often diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage when it is harder to treat.

Despite these challenges, there is a reason for hope. Researchers are making much progress in identifying new treatments and therapies that can be very effective against TNBC. But more funding is needed to support this research, as well as to provide support for patients and their families who are dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of this disease.

TNBC Day is an opportunity for all of us to come together to raise awareness. It’s important to know that there are resources available to help you navigate your treatment journey and connect with others who have been through similar experiences.

One opportunity is the CURE Educated Patient® Breast Cancer Summit on Saturday, March 4th. This event is designed specifically for breast cancer patients and their families, providing a unique opportunity to connect with leading experts in the field of TNBC research, including oncologists, surgeons, and patient advocates. Don’t miss hearing from Kelly Thomas a stage 3 TNBC survivor, patient advocate, and founder of TNBC Thrivers!

Kelly will speak on a panel with esteemed breast medical oncologists and breast cancer researchers Dr. Kevin Kalinsky and Dr. William J Gradishar. The panel will discuss the latest approvals in TNBC treatments and ongoing research for new therapies as well as host a Q&A with attendees. You can register here to attend virtually.

Here are some additional resources you can consider:

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation: This foundation focuses specifically on TNBC and provides education, research funding, and support to individuals and families affected by the disease.

Online Support Groups: There are many online support groups (including Kelly Thomas’ TNBC Thrivers!) available for individuals with TNBC. These groups provide a safe space to connect with others who are going through similar experiences and offer emotional support and encouragement.

Young Survival Coalition: This organization provides resources for young women diagnosed with breast cancer, including TNBC. They offer online support groups, educational resources, and advocacy efforts, so you can get involved!

Clinical Trials: Clinical trials are research studies that test new treatments for TNBC. Clinical trials offer patients access to the most current cancer care, treatment by an expanded team of experts, carefully monitored results tracking, and the ability to help other patients with cancer. As a part of the Outcomes4Me community, you have free access to our team of oncology nurse practitioners who can assist you in finding trials that may be a good fit for you. Use the Ask Outcomes4Me button in the app to request a consultation to discuss your options.

Remember that a TNBC diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. There are many resources available to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time. We hope the information provided here encourages you to take the first step towards empowering yourself with the knowledge and support you need to thrive.

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