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What’s new in TNBC treatment options?

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Recently, we had the honor of speaking with Dr. Tiffany Traina, a Medical Oncologist and a leading authority on Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) from Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK). The questions outlined below offer a sneak peek into the timely topics we explored during this discussion. TNBC, characterized by the absence of three key receptors, presents unique challenges in both treatment and understanding.

You can watch a full-length webinar that explains the latest thinking in TNBC, including its characteristics, advancements in research, prognosis, and the spectrum of treatment avenues, providing essential knowledge for individuals confronting this diagnosis. Here’s a snapshot of the questions discussed.

Tune into the full webinar to see the responses!

Q: What is triple negative breast cancer, and how does it differ from other types of breast cancer?

Q: What are the current statistics on the prognosis for TNBC?

Q: How does the grade of TNBC affect its aggressiveness and treatment options?

Q: What research is being done for TNBC in people of West African descent?

Q: What are the standard treatment options for TNBC?

Q: How do you know if immunotherapy or chemotherapy is working for TNBC?

Q: Are there ongoing treatments or ways to reduce recurrence risk for TNBC survivors?


Understanding the complexities of TNBC as well as all of the current therapies available can provide so much hope for those affected by this form of cancer. Our webinar offers a deeper dive into these topics, providing essential information and support. We invite you to watch the full webinar replay available in the Outcomes4Me app, where you can access the latest information and connect with experts tailored to your type of cancer. Download the Outcomes4Me app today to empower yourself with personalized guidance and evidence-based recommendations.

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