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Outcomes4Me Announces Investments to Accelerate Life-Saving Treatments for Cancer Patients

New relationships with Labcorp and Comcast NBCUniversal’s Forecast Labs bolster Outcomes4Me’s mission to democratize access to cancer care and improve health outcomes for all patients living with cancer

BOSTON (September 19, 2023) – Outcomes4Me Inc., the developer of the first direct-to-patient, personalized and evidence-based cancer navigation platform, announced today it has entered into two innovative collaborations and investment structures, which together combine artificial intelligence (AI) technology, treatment awareness and education, diagnostic testing access and mass media to help more patients with cancer connect with the latest treatment innovation relevant to their specific diagnosis.

  • Labcorp: Through an equity investment and collaboration agreement with Labcorp, a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services, Outcomes4Me is supercharging its efforts to improve patient outcomes by disseminating novel precision oncology treatment options through information about and access to specialty biomarker testing, including comprehensive genomic profiling, offered by Labcorp. The results of such tests can provide personalized insights to help guide a cancer patient’s treatment plan. As part of this collaboration, Labcorp will also provide Outcomes4Me with marketing services, including point-of-care promotion and marketing services at select Labcorp patient service centers and locations.
  • Forecast Labs: Outcomes4Me and Forecast Labs, a division of Comcast NBCUniversal, have entered into an earned equity investment arrangement to provide access to performance-based TV advertising to accelerate patient acquisition for Outcomes4Me. With a presence in more than 60 geographic markets and multi-device, multi-platform coverage across 170 networks, this collaboration will help ensure that every cancer patient–no matter who they are or where they receive their care–can access free resources and the clinical guidance they need to empower them to take a proactive approach to their care, based upon the latest science.

“This is an important and significant time in our company history,” said Maya R. Said, Sc.D., Founder and CEO of Outcomes4Me. “Innovation is useless if it does not reach patients, and our data shows that more than a third of patients diagnosed with cancer in the United States do not have access to the latest treatments and this disparity is increasing as we move into the world of precision oncology. With more than 150,000 cancer-patient members already using our platform, I am incredibly proud that we are bringing together the power of our technology with the reach and influence of the world’s largest diagnostic company and the world’s largest media company to further build our community and take a major step forward in our goal to democratize healthcare and improve outcomes.”

“We can only deliver on the promise of precision medicine if patients have access to advanced diagnostic testing,” said Maggie Rougier-Chapman, Labcorp’s VP of Marketing, Pharma & Therapeutic Areas. “Through our collaboration with Outcomes4Me, we are able to expand access to guideline-driven biomarker testing options and provide personalized insights and resources that can lead to more targeted treatment plans and improved health outcomes.” 

“Outcomes4Me is playing a vital role in an incredibly complex healthcare ecosystem by helping cancer patients to not only navigate their care but also to make science-based, informed care decisions,” said Arjun Kapur, Managing Director at Forecast Labs. “More patients need to know that they too can play a more active role in managing their cancer care, and we are looking forward to helping Outcomes4Me reach the appropriate cancer patient population via TV advertising. We are excited to have Outcomes4Me as our first oncology-focused portfolio company.” 

Outcomes4Me is the first and only direct-to-patient platform that integrates with the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) and makes them patient-facing and personalized. Using AI and machine learning, Outcomes4Me gathers the FDA-approved treatment recommendations from the NCCN Guidelines®, written by and for oncologists at the world’s top cancer centers, as well as clinical trials live from ClinicalTrials.gov, and translates the information into easy-to-understand, actionable guidance for patients. 

The Outcomes4Me app is available free to patients for download on iOS and Android. After patients download the app and answer a few questions about their health history, they can immediately gain access to personalized treatment options, genetic and genomic testing opportunities, symptom tracking and management, the latest innovation and clinical trials and health records they can understand.

About Outcomes4Me

Outcomes4Me is an AI-driven patient empowerment platform that helps cancer patients take a proactive approach to their care, gaining access to personalized, evidence-based treatment options and information. The company is on a mission to democratize healthcare by providing real-time, evidence-based clinical information to cancer patients, ensuring they can effectively navigate through their disease and improve their outcomes. In doing so, Outcomes4Me is working to promote health equity by generating deeper insights that improve care, and accelerating research and access to innovation. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Outcomes4Me is a woman-led company of seasoned healthcare, oncology, pharmaceutical, consumer and technology veterans. For more information, visit www.outcomes4me.com.



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