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New in breast cancer in 2021 webinar

February 08, 2021

Summary by

Emily O'Rourke, Research & Business Operations Associate, Outcomes4Me

Outcomes4Me sat down with Dr. Sara Tolaney, a medical oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, to answer questions on what to expect in 2021 for breast cancer patients. Dr. Tolaney is the Director of Breast Oncology Clinical Trials and Breast Immunotherapy Clinical Research, as well as the Associate Director of Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  We have included the entire webinar video above for anyone who missed it and wants to watch it in full. 

Here is a recap of the key takeaways from the discussion with Dr. Tolaney:

Dr. Tolaney, let’s kick off the discussion with some of the most exciting developments for breast cancer patients, including the latest clinical trials?

How can someone find and sign up for clinical trials?

What’s happening in our current COVID-19 climate? Has COVID-19 impacted the detection and treatment of breast cancer?

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for breast cancer  patients? Can you take the vaccine if you are on active treatment for breast cancer? 

Are there any current advancements for patients with triple negative breast cancer that has metastasized?

Are there any immunotherapy trials for hormone positive cancer?

If genomic testing was not undertaken at diagnosis, is it worth doing upon progression? 

How does the level of positivity of HER2 expression affect treatment? For triple positive, HER2 low, patients, is adding trastuzumab to chemotherapy appropriate?  For patients considered triple negative, but also HER2 low, would you consider triple negative or HER2 low regime for neoadjuvant treatment?

How effective are artic cold caps in preventing chemotherapy induced hair loss?

I’ve seen studies using Zometa with aromatase inhibitors to boost prevention of metastases. Have there been developments in these studies?

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